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April CWL Newsletter
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Welcome to St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Victoria in Nanaimo, British Columbia .


  Statue of St. Peter    

     This apostle martyred in Rome according to early tradition, has been honoured from earliest days.  Peter, a Galilean, was a fisherman, chosen by Jesus to be his disciple.  After Simon confessed that Jesus was the Christ, Jesus changed his name to Peter (Petros) and told him that it was on this rock (petra) that he would build his Church.  After the Ascension, Acts records that Peter was indeed the "chief of the Apostles" and, from the middle of the 3rd century onward, documents show that the Bishops of Rome were recognized as the successors of Peter.  Our Church celebrates its Feast Day on the Solemnity of St. Peter & Paul on June 29th of each year.




 St. Peter's Parish ~ Mission Statement

"We, the parish community of St. Peter's are committed to reach out to others in faith and love by affirming the Gospel and teachings of Mother Church.  We seek to encourage greater participation in the life of the Church in order to strengthen and grow in faith, celebrate sacramental life in hope, and be active in works of charity."



                  Fr. Krystian Golisz, SDS

Salvatorians (Society of the Divine Savior) are called to follow Jesus Christ, the Divine Savior, by living as a community within the universal Church for apostolic service.  As with our Founder, Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, we proclaim to all people the salvation which has appeared in Jesus Christ, so that by the lives we live and in our apostolic activities, all may come "to know You, the one true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent" (John 17:3), and have life in all its fullness.  This mission compels us to share our call to be apostles with people from all walks of life. !